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About Us

  Suzhou Purdue Purifying Co., Ltd. (stock code: 430430) is a professional company engaged in purification technology industry chain service. It is the only international water treatment giant French ICE company, France Claranor company, Swedish Alvenius company's only partner in China, China General agent.


  From water source analysis, appraisal, extraction and transportation to bottled water, infusion water, wafer ultrapure water preparation, from public micro-mineral direct drinking water to municipal drinking water, reclaimed water reuse, seawater desalination system, from industrial clean room, air conditioning workshop To the HVAC cleanable air system, R&D's international R&D and operation teams provide users with services ranging from analysis consulting, planning and design, international R&D, multinational operations, manufacturing, global procurement, construction and installation, quality control training, and operations. The entire process of monitoring, industrial investment and financing, and industrial chain-level expert services, is committed to providing customers with advanced purification technology to provide efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly water, beverage and air purification solutions.。 


  Technology is the cornerstone of the company, which has more than 30 invention patents and proprietary technologies such as hygiene control and membrane processing, bottled water treatment, high quality water delivery, non-contact packaging sterilization, textile air ducts and clean space. Other fields are at the leading level in the world. Completed more than 3,000 turnkey projects including many of the world's top 500 users. Bottled water system and dairy dust-free cleaning system are always the goal of peers to catch up。 


  So far, the annual production capacity of the bottled/straight drinking water line constructed by Purana has exceeded 20 million tons! Every year, every Chinese drink water from bottled water, and more than 10 bottles of water are produced. Among the top 15 most famous bottled water brands in China, such as Nestle, Kunlun Mountain (Jaddobao), Uni-President and Nongfu Spring, 4 of them have established strategic partnerships with Puhua, and 7 have become common The training users of "inside control quality standards and management specifications". In addition, Ever Filters still maintains a national record of a double-film municipal drinking water project with a daily capacity of 50,000 tons and a single 3.5 million air volume air-conditioning duct system project.。 


  In the fields of water supply, space and other cleanliness, Universal will shoulder more responsibilities and missions: to make every drop of water more pure, to keep every space away from dust, and to make more efficient use of resources more intensively.。  


  General Filter provided packaged drinking water treatment systems for Nestle NESTLE, Pepsi PEPSICO, Sidel SIDEL, Evian EVIAN, JDB, Unity, Farmer and many other well-known brands, and formulated quality control standards and organization products for them. Control training. Our full-process sanitary process-controlled water treatment system guards the reputation of these renowned products for their quality。 


  Pu Filter is a member of the China Film Industry Association, a sponsor of the China Civil Engineering Society Water Industry Branch, a member of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, a deputy chairman of the National Health and Drinking Water Special Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Health, and a vice president of the China Beverage Industry Association. Units and vice chairman units of Mineral Water Association of China Mining Association; and in Water Supply and Drainage, International Water Industry, Water Supply and Drainage in Asia, The Age of Drinking Water, Mineral Culture, and Beverage Technology. "China Beverage" and other well-known domestic and international publications and magazines published many academic papers and technical studies。 


  Combining strict European quality standards with strict control of the practice process to create a better China“evian”、china“nestle”,universal filtration works hand in hand with you!

About SPEco

Suzhou SPEco Purification Technology Co., Ltd.(Stock code:430430)It is a professional company engaged in purification technology industry chain service. China's high-end packaged drinking water treatment system is a well-known brand and is an international giant French ICE company's partner in China. In the fields of water supply, space and other cleansing, SPEco will shoulder more responsibilities and missions. It is committed to purifying science and technology to provide customers with efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions for water, beverage and air purification.

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